Racquet Customization

We specialise in fine-tuning racquets for the perfect feel...

Racquet customisation will mean different things to each individual. To a once a week player it might mean simply matching weight, balance and dynamic swingweight to his one or two racquets. To a keen pennant competitor who is a regular player it may mean all the above plus the addition of some mass and perhaps a custom grip fit. For an aspiring tour player it may mean multiple sessions, on and off court, to find the right "stick", and then the same amount of work to make it " just right". This process may include the taking of point by point statistics, videotaping, and match plotting. It's at this stage that a preference emerges and time will be spent finding the right string and grip and other fine adjustments. For this level of player commercial considerations are often also involved such as existing sponsorship arrangements and the like. All of this done with great attention to detail and the use of the finest equipment available, sourced from all over the world. Finally our customer leaves with a custom STRINGLAB racquet.

Customizing Services we provide:

  • Weighting
  • Balancing
  • Matching Racquets
  • Pallet changing
  • Handle molding and shaving – Increase or decrease sizing
  • Grommets
  • And More !!

Manufacturing imperfections cause each of your racquets to feel slightly different. We make sure every racquet you pull out of your bag weighs and swings exactly the same.