Stringing Services

The art of stringing

Stringing a tennis racquet is quite simple and straight forward. A consistent approach is the key; the same machine, same technique and same pattern, time after time. The art of stringing comes from the accumulated knowledge and professionalism built up over years of practice. This enables a racquet technician to arrive at a tension and string type that works for you.

Factors that influence the special feel that you want include:

  • Type of racquet and its stiffness
  • String pattern
  • Head size
  • Type of player using it - serve volleyer or baseliner, attacking or defensive,
  • Any injury problems to accommodate
  • Any sponsorship considerations
  • Any concerns with technique
  • How often they play and on what type of courts
  • Is there a budget

After careful consideration of these factors the technician chooses from the thousands of strings available using his knowledge of brands, models and string construction.

Once this process is completed for a player, all our work is logged onto our custom built RAKDATA software. We use a state of the art “Flex Infinity Racquet Test Machine” that records completed, absolute stringbed stiffness. This lets us track tension loss and wear at anytime during a restrings life, ensuring our customers are getting optimal results with their racquet.

At Stringlab we pride ourselves on taking the right amount of time and effort to get your special restring first time. If you haven’t yet tried a Stringlab restring, please do, it may make your tennis experience just that little bit more enjoyable.​​​​​​​​​​​

Download our Stringing brochure

STRINGLAB Stringing Brochure.PDF